September 11, 2021

So I got a new logo

 I have been dealing with the design of a logo that I have been wanting to represent who I was and what I am like. I had a few others that included Anubis from the ancient Egyptian mythology, whom I really connect with. 

I have had a couple of various types of logos made by my friend and graphic artist Emma Wilson from Gridyard Graphics.

First logo
First logo

The first logo was a great logo that I really liked. The only issue was that it seemed a bit "over the top" when it comes to me personally. Although I love Anubis as I mentioned, this one was just not the one for "me".

I then chatted with Emma about another logo. I had seen some other designs that were similar, that included Anubis, so I had her create another one.

Anubis Second logo
Second logo

This was a bit more of what I was thinking and also a bit more like me and it was working well. I really love how Emma thinks, when it comes to design and what I am trying to come up with, because this logo was spot on for the time.

This logo was working great until I had seen and thought about the logo she created and what it represented, in my opinion. I broke down and thought about it nice and hard and thought in complete simple ideas, that is when I had Emma create my newest logo and hopefully the last one.

When I thought about it in the basic idea, the Ankh that Anubis is holding really represented who I am in real life. I care about people, I want the best for myself and others and I want everyone to be as healthy as possible. If you look into Egyptian mythology, the Ankh represents life and the power of life.

                          Ankh Third logo
Third logo

 In my opinion, the Ankh really represents who I am and what I want and like to do.


August 14, 2021

Really Excited About Diablo II Resurrected

Diablo II Resurrected

I am stoked about the new Diablo II Resurrected. 

I really liked the original and looking forward to the new one. 

One thing that I have been hearing as far as negative comments, is that the gameplay is just a reload of the original. I like the idea of the reload type of original gameplay, unlike what they did from the original DOOM, to what it has become today.

What are your thoughts?
Leave a comment below!



August 13, 2021

New Wallpaper Done

Orange & Blue

This one is named Orange & Blue. Such a beautiful shot of space with nebulas and colors.

See more of the wallpapers I have created and edited on my Flickr account. You can also see them without leaving my site by visiting my Gallery Page.



Planet and Moon together in Amarr space


I am now completely focused on grabbing more and more screenshots of the planets and moon in New Eden.


July 29, 2021

Exclusive: Meet Darkest Dungeon II's New Character The Runaway

Darkest Dungeon II

Darkest Dungeon 2 isn’t content to live in the shadow of the hamlet from the first game. Instead of continuing with the town-building aspects and dungeon crawling of the original game, Darkest Dungeon 2 puts players on a doomed caravan ride into cursed biomes crawling with unbridled decadence. With the stakes as high as the world coming to an end, environments that were hanging on by a thread have spiraled into madness, embracing the worst elements of themselves that were always hidden away. As you ride through the world with a hand-picked crew of adventurers, death and despair are always lurking right around the corner. The same great turn-based combat and stylish gothic look of the first game return, but with constant decisions to make around every corner of each run.

Darkest Dungeon II

That said, don’t fear too much – you acquire hope (an in-game currency) from all of your runs, which you can use to unlock various components to show up in subsequent runs, new characters, skills for your caravan, and even permanent boosts. So even as all is lost – and it will be, frequently – you venture toward the final destination with some degree of progress. A successful run currently looks like it will take around four hours, so it’s important to reiterate that players unlock all kinds of special things at the account level based on each journey.

Read More



New Reasons To Watch And Join WWP Fleets

 New Prizes

Eve Online - Free To Play

I have been watching other streamers like LargeQuafeZero, MissMarisha & ContempoEnterprises for awhile now and I know they always have some sort of prize or drawing either during or at the end of their streams, so I have been thinking, what could I do differently with my streams?

I have some pretty decent luck with the Eve Online Hyprenet Relay, so I have decided, to be different, I am going to use the Relay to my advantage. I will now be giving away free ships that I have won off the Relay!

Now, not all ships will be stupendous or maybe not even exciting, but hey, its a FREE ship. 

Each week before my streams, I will be bidding on different types of ships, from industrial to fighting ships. These will include frigates up to battleships, to Orcas, and even Noctis'.

During my streams, I will give them away depending on the type of stream and what is going on. So, if you would like a chance to get a free ship, make sure to tune in for a chance to win one!

I can tell you this much, the first ship that will be given away will be a Praxis!


July 25, 2021

Get That Kill Mail!


Apocalypse ( Battleship )

I was going to run a fleet last night, but of course my client didn't want to work correctly (which has become a huge pain in the ass) and storms came through and my internet was all wacky.

After the storms went through I seen that I could once again fly in Eve Online. I was in a simple Breacher with a web and no scram or point. I seen an Apocalype and several frigate ships at a novice plex and decided to check it out. 

When doing pvp in Eve Online, when you see a bunch of frigates and a battleship sitting near a novice plex, most of the time, the frigates are attacking the battleship. In this case I was correct. There are times where a battleship is helping friends, but that's more of a rare case scenario.

I arrived at the plex and there was an Imperial Navy Slicer, Federation Navy Comet, Succubus and a Garmur already engaged. I knew I wasn't going to make it out alive, but decided to get on a nice killmail.  Fortunately for me, after the battleship was taken down, I was able to get away both from others not caring about me and or they were engaged with other ships. 

The point of this story is that even if you know you may die, it's nice to get on a 400M killmail.


July 05, 2021

Darkest Dungeon: Tips For Playing On Stygian Mode

As if Darkest Dungeon wasn't hard enough already, some of you just had to go the extra mile to play the game on a higher difficulty, namely Stygian Mode. It's currently the toughest and most stressful difficulty level or mode of play in Darkest Dungeon. Stygian Mode comes with the hypertension-inducing obstacle of an 86-week time limit (in-game) and 12 maximum hero deaths.

Exceed those restrictions and the game will automatically delete your save file, no matter how hard you cry or take out your frustrations on the screen. So to spare your TV or monitors from anger-induced cracks, accepting help in the form of tips is a wise idea. After all, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer.

Read More Here


Darkest Dungeon: 10 Tips For Beginners

Darkest Dungeon is a brutal roguelike turn-based RPG that breaks the spirit of its characters and players alike. It has a unique take on dungeon adventuring and chooses to focus on the psychological stress and effects of dungeon crawling and constant near-death encounters.

There are numerous mechanics present in Darkest Dungeon that new players might be taken aback by. The long-term party management is something that you might have never given any thought to in prior gaming experiences, and it might all be a bit too much to handle. However, taking it all one step at a time and going in with the right mindset can save you from a lot of stress.

 Read More Here


Darkest Dungeon: 10 Things To Do Before Going Into The Final Level

The first time you're introduced to the decrepit and devolved manor estate of Darkest Dungeon, you were probably surprised that you can venture straight into the final level right away. Of course, you likely didn't because whatever horrors awaited you there didn't care about your ego and your mad gaming skills. The game punishes overconfidence, so preparing for the darkest dungeon in the game is what the grind's all about.

So how exactly do you prepare for it apart from the obvious trinket roulette and hero recruitment drive? That's why we're here. There are only so many ways you can prepare for the final level of Darkest Dungeon. We're assuming you're probably nearly there after exhausting all the lesser dungeons in the game; some reminders are due before you finally delve down the dreaded depths of the Darkest Dungeon.


Darkest Dungeon II: Release Date, Trailer, Plot & News to Know

According to an announcement that was made in October 2020, Darkest Dungeon II is scheduled for an early launch release this year. Save for some interviews and FAQs coinciding with the announcement, it's been pretty quiet on the Red Hook homefront regarding progress on the fan-favorite roguelike dungeon delver.

The first Darkest Dungeon was immensely popular thanks to its Lovecraftian horror aesthetic and tough-as-nails difficulty coupled with high-stakes exploration. Players must make do with the heroes that they have in less-than-ideal circumstances to explore the dungeon, often pushing too hard and facing the permadeath of a party member or worse, a total party kill. The challenge only makes for the game's victories to feel all the more rewarding, and it's that same level of collateral damage and close shaves that many are expecting from the second game.


July 03, 2021

Birthday Bashing Fleet 07/13 2021


Yes, once again I turn another year older!

I want to go out with a huge bang and I cant think of any other friends I would want to do this with.
All are welcomed and would love as many people to show up not only to celebrate my birthday, but to also help raise more funs for the Wounded Warrior Project!

As the sign says we wil be forming around 00:00am Sunday Eve time (Saturday night 8:00 pm EST)
If you don't know where Mesybier is you can check it HERE on DotLAN.

Station - Mesybier VII - Combined Harvest Food Packaging


June 13, 2021

Empress Jamyl I: Sword Of The Righteous

 Empress Jamyl I: Sword Of The Righteous

In the moment of our greatest need, with savage enemies at the gates, Jamyl Sarum returned from the embrace of God to rescue her people from destruction in YC110.

First part of my series of doing some sight seeing in New Eden.


New Eden Sight Seeing Tour


Went on a sight seeing tour with friends and other Eve Online Streamers on Twitch.

June 06, 2021

Some new screenshots

I am now officially addicted to trying to take some really cool unique screenshot. I have also been posting some on Reddit in the Eveporn subreddit. 



Last night's ESS fleet

Last night, I went out with a group of friends to do some ESS banking and got some really nice juicy kills. We had a lot of fun and would like to have more people come along!

If interested hit me up on discord, join my discord or hit me up on Twitter and we will get with you and go out on fleets and have some fun!



May 30, 2021

The biggest kill in a fleet


A bhaalgorn kill worth over 5 Billion ISK is my biggest kill while in a fleet. 

Thanks to MissMarisha and her friends for having me along on their fleet, so we could get this juicy kill!


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So I got a new logo

 I have been dealing with the design of a logo that I have been wanting to represent who I was and what I am like. I had a few others that i...

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